Baby Wish List

So here are some items I found that I thought were really cute. If we have a girl I might try to make the bedding like the one I found below....I just love it!

Queen B by Bumbleride in Lava


Great Friends & Good Food

My friend Monika had some of her family visit, her mom is an amazing cook and shared some of her recipes and skills with us. It was delicious food and I had fun to see how the authentic food was made. Some of the dishes were, mabodofu, sweet and sour chicken, seasoned eggplant, egg rolls, fried rice, gyoza, veggi delight...and more.

March 10th - Grandpop's 90th Birthday

Both Brett and I were able to go to Sacramento to celebrate Grandpa Green's 90th birthday.

I got out there a little early and grandpa wanted to go run some errands. We get in the car and then it hits me.......the driver is 90 years old. I said "Gramps do you want me to drive?" he said "do you trust me to drive?" I said " should I?" he laughed and told me that he was fine driving as long as he didn't drive at night and didn't take the freeways. Truthfully I was really amazed at how well he did. I payed close attention and he was doing a great job! It was so good to see him doing so well!
Brett flew into Oakland on Friday, so Megs, Miss & I drove out to get him and then made a quick stop in San Francisco. That is a fun city. We ate lunch on pier 49 and I got some delicious clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. We got attached by all the seagulls that were hovering around to eat people scraps. They got more than half of miss's food before we even sat down...... needless to say we had fun!
It was so good to be able to get together with all the family. Brett had not met Dave and Les's family and so it was good he could meet some of them. We did a lot of hanging out and visiting, which is what we all wanted to do.

Baby Chase

In February I was able to go out to Gilbert Arizona to see my newest nephew Chase, Chad & Katie's first child. I loved seeing him he is so adorable!! It was fun to see the difference between Chase (two weeks) & Aiden (nine months). Both under 1 year and yet such a difference. Chase just ate and slept he was so fun to hold as he would snuggle up to you and be content. Aiden was so fun as he showed so many expressions, you could get him to laugh and smile, I loved seeing his reactions. the last time I saw Aiden he was two weeks old just like Chase. Needless to say I love being able to see and spend time with my nephews!!


Maya Papaya

Miss came out this weekend and we had a blast. We went to Galveston and went crabbing, went to Kemah and rode the bullet (the coolest roller coaster), Ate out, saw a Astros game, shopped, played games, Ate out, went to a RS activity where all the RS sisters fell in love with Maya. and more....Thanks Maya for coming out we loved every minute of it.

Grandpop, Liss, and Katie

Ride On!!

This is Mike's dirt bike that he has had for over 25 years. Brett was stoked to ride it. I jumped on for a little spin around the block.